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My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs DK幼儿百科全书 恐龙[eoax.cn].pdf
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eoax.cn电子书 My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs 我的重要的恐龙百科全书

版社简介:    DK 就是精品百科全书的代名词,它在“视觉”和“工具书”两个方面的专业程度,可谓在全球范围内拥有不可比拟的高度。英国DK公司成立于1974年,DK出版的科普百科、生活、手工益智等图书畅销全球,其图文并茂的出版风格,影响着世界出版同行。DK出版公司从成立之初就树立了为国际市场出版图书的出版理念。他们有着鲜明的主张和目的,就是把每本书卖给10个以上的国家。创作既有视觉冲击力,又信息丰富的图书,使读者能够理解每一个主题,是DK公司全力做到的事。DK的书也因此被认为是可以从出生到年老不断学习的生活指南。eoax.cn电子书:A children's book that takes you back in time to discover a prehistoric world of dinosaur facts. Practise your palaeontology, see dinosaur ones up-close, and learn facts about fossils.The latest title in the popular My Encyclopedia of Very Important... series, this visually stunning dinosaur book is something that every young fossil hunter and dinosaur enthusiast will want to own. Easily accessible to young readers through a balance of striking images and conversational, age-appropriate text, this dinosaur encyclopedia will tap into every child's natural curiosity and answer all their biggest questions about this amazing lost world.Bursting with up-to-date facts and discoveries, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs includes everything from an in-depth exploration of the triassic, jurassic, and cretaceous periods and how fossils are made, to detailed profiles of popular dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus, to more unfamiliar species such as Microraptor, Guanlong, and Spinosaurus.封面图: 内页图:
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